Sunday, March 19, 2017

Idle Thoughts

I'm on spring break, at least from my classes, so I'm spending a lot of time mostly just relaxing. I'm trying to read some so that I can prepare for Turkey, and I'm trying to find books in SPU's library that are relevant to where we'll be going.

I really am working on Arashna. I don't know at all when I'll have it done, but I am working on it.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Return to My Travel Blog!

Lovers of my Travel Blog, I have some exciting news!

Remember last July, how I posted that my trip to Turkey to photograph old Roman roads was cancelled? Well, on Tuesday I heard from my professor, letting me know that there is another opportunity to travel to Turkey for the same project this May! I had to ask around to see if I could get off work and school, and if I'd have done enough school work by then, but it looks as though I will be good to go!

So, starting this May, remember to check out my Travel Blog!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Recent Events

Part of my struggles in posting new blog posts is that most of my life these days is taken up by things I really can't blog about. At the one job at an insurance company, where I deal with people's highly personal information, I really can't share what happens each day on the internet. My other job is working at a school, where I'm around kids, who I'm really hesitant to blog about. It just seems like a bad idea or an invitation for trouble to talk about them to the entire world, (to say nothing of the fact that it's a little disrespectful). But I will say this: on multiple occasions, the kids have said things to me that remind me that a life of serving others is the most rewarding life out there. I'm going to miss those kids when I have to do student teaching!

That's about all I have for now... More later!