Saturday, April 28, 2018

One of Those Random Updates

I think after last fall, when I kept myself sick and burned myself out over school work, I may have used up what little dedication to school I have left. Maybe not, since I've turned everything in so far, but you get the idea - SPU is sort of fading into the background.

Hey, that works solidly for me. I actually like what I'm doing these days! I've been researching the Russian Revolutions for my history class (I know the basics, but that was never my strongest suit, so I had to supplement my knowledge, which means research, which I honestly enjoy). I've also been reading and researching Lord of the Flies for my English class - not my favorite, but the writing style alone is very interesting and really grabs the reader, so I enjoy this too.

And, of course, I enjoy working with the students I have. As cliche as it is to say, all of them have some kind of unique gift that really does make for interesting class sessions. Teaching has been quite a bit of fun!

Anyway, I will admit I haven't spent much time writing lately, because I've been writing lessons, but that's how it goes, right? I'll have to find time to work on the books, but I probably won't get much done until after I graduate. We'll see. But, I am tentatively setting this August (before I start a full-time teaching job) as the deadline for getting my draft to Julie, my editor. Will that happen? Meh, who knows. Books tend to proceed at their own pace, so I might not finish until December. But, hope is eternal, and I am more than ready to dedicate a summer to writing. We shall see!