Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving Abroad!

Because my school is technically an American school, we get Thanksgiving off, even though the rest of China doesn't. Additionally, the wonderful HR team put together a Thanksgiving party for all the staff! 

Due to a variety of things, I didn't know whether I was going or not until after the bus left from my apartment. Then I decided I would go, but first I would sleep more, because I was exhausted. But, I had the location, so I thought I would just catch a taxi. 

Now, I should mention that I've taken taxis around Shenyang lots of times. They're ridiculously cheap, and lots of them go right by my apartment, so there's no reason not to. 

Today, however, I had the wrong location. So I ended up walking about two miles around the more rural part of Shenyang. (Seriously, I don't know how a city with 8 million people can be that quiet. Shenyang is both the biggest city I've ever lived in and the closest thing to the country I've ever lived in.) 

Fortunately for me, I got there with no more hassle. 

Anyway, as is my custom, here is my blog list of things I'm thankful for this year. 

1. My Lord and Savior

The thing about God is that He doesn't change depending on where you are. I always knew that, but it's taken on new meaning for me when I'm in a culture that has such a completely different viewpoint on gods, religions, worshiping, etc., than the western culture. It is a blessing that God does not change, no matter where you are. 

2. My Family and My Friends

My mother and father were and are extremely supportive of me moving to a different country, and they've continued to give me useful advice and support. They even helped me vote!

My friends were all extremely supportive of me moving this far away. More than that, they all go to lengths to stay in touch with me. Especially the ones who are coming to visit!

3. Writing

Need I say more?

4. My China Family

There's a couple here that has pretty much adopted my roommate and me as their honorary daughters, and I always get love and support from them. More than that, the people here welcomed me with open arms. I miss my American people, but I'm not exactly lonely, because I'm very well loved here. Someday I want to introduce all of them, so I have all my families together. 

5. My Job

I don't think it's possible to get a better "first job out of school" than this one. I love all my kids, my boss is beyond amazing, I don't have any crazy parents to deal with, and it's just a nice, useful environment. I'm not going to say teaching is always awesome, because I've heard from enough people to be reasonably sure that it can be terrible. But it's not terrible here. It's pretty great. 

6. My Home

I like Shenyang! It's easy to live here, and there's plenty to keep me happy. 

7. My Country

I also love my USA. This November was an election month, and as usual, that's a poignant reminder of the true blessing of living in a country where you can vote. Where you, the citizen, have a say in how your leaders do things. 

That list is by no means exhaustive, but it's the most important stuff. 

Now I'm off to bed, because it's late here. Happy Thanksgiving!