Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Random School Stuff?

I put the question mark there because I have no idea what the best title for this post should be.

It's the used book sale this week, but I didn't see anything there that I would read. I've packed away most of my DVD's and I'm working on some of my books. (Now the books I ACTUALLY USE are on the shelf that I can reach without standing on my chair. What a concept!) Still working on plans for study abroad, still working on fixing parts of Graystone, still working on papers (down to three, the next one being on Thomas Paine,) and, of course, still trying to read for fun. I like my classes, but I don't particularly like most of the homework.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


What the heck did March go? Where the heck is April going? My second paper of significant length is due on Wednesday - pressure's on! After that, I have until April 22 to turn in a paper about Thomas Paine, and then until May 5 to turn in a paper about Fort Duquense. Holy cow!

But hey - going home May 17th. That's in one month and four days. Then comes summer break, thankfully. Oh - and Selah's coming to visit for Easter! I just need to take a few deep breaths, suck it up, and hopefully keep my nose out of the latest fantasy books I've found.

Sometime soon I have to finish my editing of Graystone, too... Well, I'll get to that. First I have to take care of the papers that will affect my grade.