Saturday, November 1, 2014

Meet a Graystone Character - Conch!

I realized I haven't posted any Graystone excerpts! There will be three excerpts posted, and each one will introduce a main character. This one introduces Conch, son of Mollusk and Anamay, and younger brother to Starfish.

(Bit of trivia - the name Starfish is not a mistake. The correct name for that animal is sea star, but the river otters call it a starfish. Even though Anamay learned the sea otter name for the animal while living with Mollusk, she wanted to honor her original inland heritage in her daughter as well as her adopted coastline heritage. For information about sea stars in the real world, see here.)

Anyway, here's Conch. Enjoy!

Conch swam carefully after his chief, Eagle, down the Bakkarra River. The sea otter was clammy all over and terrified for his sister.
He and Eagle had been out fishing, a common sea otter pastime, when they had heard a frantic voice shrieking their names. They’d dropped their fishing spears and darted in the direction of the cries to find Saline, Eagle’s younger sister. There was a nasty gash on her cheek. Eagle had gripped her shoulder urgently. “What happened?”
Knowing who had been in Saline’s company, Conch had added, “Where are Pearl and Starfish?”
Saline was a strong creature once she got her paws under her. She took a deep, steadying breath and managed, “Pearl’s been hurt. I don’t know about Starfish. We were looking for willows, and we—we split up. I heard Pearl screaming, and then an arrow came out of nowhere!”
Who fired it? Where?” Eagle urged.
Saline shrugged, bewildered. “I never saw them. Pearl’s by the old petrified tree, unconscious. Starfish went downstream.”
The minute those words left Saline’s mouth, Conch plunged back into the undergrowth, heading for the river. Eagle had paused only long enough to tell his sister to fetch Brine and some otters who could help get Pearl back to her home before racing to catch up with Conch.

They had already gone far downstream, past many willow-lined banks. Every few minutes they softly called out to Starfish, but there was no response. Conch wanted to swim frantically through the cloudy waters of the Bakkarra and shout his sister’s name, but he knew he had to be quiet and careful, or he might miss danger lurking about.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween in the Halls

Tonight was Halloween in the Halls, and since I am in an apartment this year, I am no longer a participant. I did walk around and look at the floors to see their themes. One of them was a superhero theme, and at the very back, they had this setup where Venom was hiding behind a couch (in such a way that the kids could see him.) Thor was at the entrance, and when the kids came by to get candy, they had to race across to get it, but Venom would try to stop them! So Thor told them he would help them fight Venom, and then, when the kids would race across and Venom would try to catch them, Thor would deal Venom a mighty blow from his inflatable hammer. Venom would just fall flat, and the kid got the candy!

I thought it was pretty awesome.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School

I began this post back in July under the heading "The Weekend." Yeah... well. I mostly just forgot about it.

So... updates. My best friend Selah and I drove back to Milwaukee together, through Montana and North Dakota, and then northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. I really do like Wisconsin, but northern Wisconsin just took my breath away (and this was after driving through the mountains.) It was so beautiful, and it smelled like orchards just ready to be harvested. People really do know how to do autumn out in the Midwest. :)

I just finished my first class of the day - Medieval History. I have a class about the American Revolution coming up in about an hour, and I'm looking forward to it as well. I'm working on getting all the application stuff for ACD in, so that I can spend the spring semester of 2015 there.

Let's see... otherwise, I'll just work to catch up on blogging and such. This fall is probably going to be a blast!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


I've been busy with my summer job at Alaska National, but here are some updates.

I was diagnosed with Freiberg's Disease in my right foot, which is a type of arthritis. I had a walking boot on my foot for about a month, and now I have orthopedic shoes for walking.

Next week, I'm going camping with my church friends, and some school friends.

I plan to get Graystone off to the editor before going camping. *fingers crossed*

Monday, June 2, 2014

My New Laptop

Yay! I have a brand-new laptop! It's a Dell Inspiron (and a lot more money than I expected to spend, but hey, it's a lot better than I expected to get, so there!) Unlike my old Netbook, which has served me well for three years, you can change the background on my Inspiron. The current background is a picture I snapped of the entrance to Newgrange when I was twelve.

So... in other news, I'm working in my summer job, which I do rather enjoy. I still have to get Graystone off to the editor, but that won't take too much longer (I hope.) I've been to Issaquah twice, and that's been a blast! My cousins are coming to visit in about two weeks, so there will be much Pinochle played at that time. :) In general, everything has carried on normally. This summer should be great!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last Saturday...

...I was at the Issaquah Farmers Market. And, I got on video:

Make sure to check out Chris Pirillo's website at I've browsed around on the site a couple of times, and there are some really cool nerd items available for purchase!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Finals Week

I probably shouldn't be blogging, since I have an exam in three hours, but I've been studying all morning, and I don't think this test will be unreasonable. So, on two of the last papers I turned in, one about Thomas Paine and one about Fort Duquesne (hey, they rhyme!) I got an AB and an A, respectively. That, as far as I'm concerned, is a fine way to end the semester!

I don't have an Honors class next semester, since junior year is set aside for Honors students to study abroad. In fall I'm planning to take three history classes and two literature classes. That's the current plan, anyway. I need two more European history classes and one more American class, and then HIS 101 and HIS 102, but I also need another Theology class. This is where things get interesting, because I don't think they offer history classes at ACD, which is where I'm going in spring, so I have to take it here sometime. They do offer European history classes there (obviously) so I might drop one of my European classes here. I would hate to do that, but... need to do what needs to be done. We'll see.

Let's see ... yesterday was my last Sunday at Fairview until fall. I won't be in a dorm next semester, I'll be in school housing instead! I'm planning to go on Dr. Moldenhauer's Italy trip this January, and go straight from there to Ireland! I really can't wait to get to Ireland, since I bet it will be a fantastic adventure!

Oh, I'm planning to get a new laptop when I get home, probably a Toshiba satellite. Karl, would you like to buy my current laptop off me? I'll sell it to you for cheap - how about $70?

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!