Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween in the Halls

Tonight was Halloween in the Halls, and since I am in an apartment this year, I am no longer a participant. I did walk around and look at the floors to see their themes. One of them was a superhero theme, and at the very back, they had this setup where Venom was hiding behind a couch (in such a way that the kids could see him.) Thor was at the entrance, and when the kids came by to get candy, they had to race across to get it, but Venom would try to stop them! So Thor told them he would help them fight Venom, and then, when the kids would race across and Venom would try to catch them, Thor would deal Venom a mighty blow from his inflatable hammer. Venom would just fall flat, and the kid got the candy!

I thought it was pretty awesome.