Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Iron King

One amazing book I got for Christmas is The Iron King, by Julie Kagawa. In the story, Meghan Chase, an ordinary girl suffering from severe unpopularity at her high school, gets pulled into the Nevernever and an adventure she could never have dreamed of. Her half-brother is kidnapped by faeries, and she determines to set out after him, only to be met by a thousand and one surprises. Along the way, she learns that her best friend is a legend with a sad secret, and that she is really the daughter of a faery. She also meets the son of her father's oldest enemy, a cold, bitter man with a dark past and a vow of vengeance. In order to free her brother, she makes a bargain with him that she's sure will be the end of her.

Like I said, this book was amazing. There are so many books today where the main character is detestable; fortunately, this was not one of them. Meghan is a girl with honor, courage, and compassion, someone I liked almost instantly. The supporting characters were entertaining as well, in particular Robin Goodfellow (also known as Puck!) who is able to make almost anyone laugh. Perhaps he was put in purely as a foil for Prince Ash of Winter, and the author does an exemplary job of making Ash an Ice Prince through and through. To wrap it up, Grimalkin, the cait sith king of sarcasm, adds wit and satire to the book. An enjoyable read that no one who likes fantasy and romance will be able to put down.

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