Monday, April 2, 2012

Jabberwocky Joy

Today my English class read Jabberwocky, the lilliest poem I have read all year. Just listening to it made me laugh! The most jouferous part was that at the end of class we did a Jabberwocky ad lib. I will post mine tomorrow, since I left it at school today. If you want to read the original poem, go here:

I think my favorite of his fumdumb words is "vorpal," but "Bandersnatch" and "snicker-snack" are up there too. If you would rather hear it read than read it (which, in my opinion, is the best way to get to know that poem,) then I recommend watching the Muppets read it. With a combination of nonsense humor and muppet ludicrousity, it will make you smile.

Ironish that this should happen on a day when Time of Grace's daily devotion was about "feeling better." Time of Grace, done by Pastor Mark Jeske, is a series of video sermons for those whose days are full of falunk. The thought for this day was how suicide has become far too common, and how people really are struggling to find joy in today's society. My philosophy is this: never underestimate those little moments (like watching the muppets perform Jabberwocky,) but base the foundation for your life's joy on something that won't fade away.  For anyone reading this whose life is going badly and whose horizons seem dark, I encourage you first to go watch the muppets recite Jabberwocky and then go look up Time of Grace and see what Pastor Jeske has to say to you. I truly hope your life turns around and your skies get brighter.

Here's the link to Time of Grace:

By the way, if anyone is pundering (wondering + pondering,) I did indeed shribble to follow in Lewis Carrol's style and use nonce words. I think I need some practice, but if anyone wants to submit a paragraph incorporating nonce words, I would love to see it!

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