Monday, September 24, 2012

Random College Stuff

Apparently in college the first few weeks is when everybody breaks up with their old boyfriend/girlfriend and finds a new one. My classmates have already had as many disappointments with boys this year as there were my entire Senior year. Of course, I have more classmates than I did my entire Senior year ... Maybe that's the real reason.

Something else about college is how popular movies are. If you have a movie, you have a bunch of friends whose names you don't even know. And if the dorm television is free, you are in for the time of your week.

And finally ... The most important thing I have to say is ...

Or, more accurately, the Greenbay Packers vs. the thunderous, wild, back from the brink Seattle Seahawks!! That's tonight, and I am completely excited! And for me, this is a big deal, since I usually don't give a darn about football. But I cannot wait to watch my home team pummel last year's champions! Of course, if they lose, things will be different, but I am confident in the Seahawks' ability to pull off a win. Go Seahawks!!

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