Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Whisper "December"

I realize the title didn't make much sense, but there is just a very subtle, icy power in the word when you whisper December... On the other hand, if you think of it as the end of a semester, it's more of a joyful shout. It's December!

My posts for a while will be full of the happenings, mostly. After all, this is definitely the month it all happens in! First off, today is the nineteenth birthday of one of my high school friends. Happy Birthday, Cody! A bunch of other birthdays, including mine, take place over the next two months.

Semesters are next week, and I expect to spend most of tomorrow and much of the weekend studying. But after that ... I can chill, pun intended, until the spring semester!

Tonight is the Christmas party/ church service for WLC. I'm going to use the lid of a tin that has a Christmas tree on it to stand for mistletoe. Of course, it isn't real mistletoe, so I doubt it will bother any of my friends who happen to walk under it. All I know is I won't be under it. Tomorrow, I'll be sure to post more about the service and the dinner. After I'm done studying, anyway.

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