Friday, May 24, 2013

Star Trek

Three posts in one day - I usually confine myself to one. But something else kinda noteworthy happened today. Mom insisted on watching Star Trek: The Next Generation today. We started with the first episode, and quit watching it about four minutes in because the acting was so bad. We watched one all the way through, called Naked Now - which was practically a carbon copy of the original episode called The Naked Time.

The next episode we tried to watch was almost as bad as the first one. I'd heard Mom comment a billion times about how much she hated the psychic because she was so stupid. Everytime Mom talks about her, she always says, "I sense something or other!" To be honest, she seems to me like the only intelligent one on the crew, but whatever. Anyway... The second episode we tried to finish was one with the edos, the people who lived for pleasure but killed over any breach of law, however minimal. One of these edo women sidled up to the first officer and started flirting. The psychic got this look on her face, and my Mom said, "Ah, I sense jealousy!"

Okay... That was funnier when she actually said it than when I typed it out.

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