Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dear NCIS Writers:

Really?! Ziva left NCIS to go back to her roots? Congratulations, you just undid seven years' worth of character development and personal growth for a great character. Yes, Ziva lost her family, but she had a new family at NCIS. So she decided to throw away her new family just to make peace with her dead family? Good grief.

Furthermore, the introduction of Ari's would-be fiancee gave you a perfect opportunity to bring Kate back in. When that idiot doctor was talking about how Ari would have proposed to her, Tony should have said something along the lines of, "Really? Because when I last saw him, he was coming onto another NCIS agent called Kate." That would have been impressive writing and would have brought more meaning to a lot of long-time hard-core fans. Instead, you slack off on the most heartbreaking episode since Kate died!

Please, you can do better. Do better.

A Devoted but Seriously Annoyed Fan

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