Sunday, November 2, 2014

Meet a Graystone Character - Nurida

Nurida is the second-youngest Miamuran princess. Her older siblings include Galledor, Kiarna, and Asherad - Asherad being one of Zuryzel's friends. Remember that in Pasadagavra, the three aforementioned siblings were involved with the Miamuran army and displayed strong characteristics. Not so Nurida. She's a little bit timid and has never really been into adventures. But, she has another side...

Nurida purchased a stack of new parchment and a bottle of ink. She handed them to her servant to be carried when she heard an unpleasant voice behind her.
You’re supposed to bargain, not just take it at his first price.”
She turned around to see her third-oldest sister, Ressora, who was at least eight seasons older than she, if not more. “Then you can bargain next time I get paper,” Nurida replied.
I have better things to do than haggle over paper,” Ressora retorted arrogantly.
Then go do them and let me enjoy myself,” Nurida suggested coldly.
Ressora’s icy blue eyes locked with Nurida’s emerald green. Galledor, Kiarna, Asherad, and Orlian, her four oldest siblings, never saw Nurida’s anger because they never provoked it. Her three youngest siblings—Beshinor, Ressora, and Lochuran—sometimes witnessed Nurida’s hidden fire. Ressora especially. Ressora was something of a bully and very arrogant, traits that provoked Nurida, yet she did not hate her sister.
I don’t suppose you’ve heard about what’s been happening, have you?” Ressora asked finally.
What do you mean?” Nurida asked coolly.

Clearly not,” Ressora smirked. “Never mind.” And she disappeared into the market.

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