Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Wrap-Up

Maybe the title is a bad pun, but whatever.

I was extremely blessed to have a Christmas with my grandparents and my aunt and uncle. It was especially fun because I got to show my uncle all the inside jokes in Graystone - he hadn't seen them yet.

Christmas gifts were fabulous, too, but my all-hands-down favorite is a t-shirt that says: "Some of my best friends are fictional." My second favorite is the lovely coat my Mom gave me, which I am wearing right now (in the SeaTac International Airport ... on the way to Europe.)

What else ... what else... what else...

I had the great joy of going to Zoo Lights with Caleb, Selah, Kelsey, and Patrick, and getting DQ afterwards. Two days ago Selah and I went to BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) and experimented with new sauces and menu options.

I just heard an announcement for an Alaska Air flight to Bozeman (Montana.) Depending on where I go to grad school, I might be on a flight like that someday. But for now, it's off to Italy!

For now, I'm signing off. The next time I post will be from Europe!

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