Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Local Jewel - Marlaina's

Since I'm about to move to China, home is in sharp focus for me these days. Today Mom said that Dad and Karl wouldn't be home for dinner, so would I like to eat out someplace? I picked the place I like to pick with an open invitation like that - Marlaina's

It's a nifty Mediterranean restaurant (Kurdish, I think) with a nice selection of food and a pleasant atmosphere. The chef there is quite friendly, and I've seen him there every time I visited. He makes good recommendations for food and wine combinations, and I joked with Mom what an accomplishment it is to have so many wines from other countries (not that that matters to most of my readers). 

It is kind of pricey (almost $20 for most entrees, I think), so don't go there for a quick time. It's more of a special occasion restaurant, like your oldest child is soon leaving the US for a job. But it is worth the special occasion price - the food is fresh, the meat is cooked almost perfectly, and you get very, very good service. I think there's more wait time for food at the McDonald's my brother and I used to go to than at Marlaina's.

Anyway - they do deliveries to Burien through UberEats, but I highly recommend going to the restaurant in person for the atmosphere. It's such a pleasant place to eat, and the food is tasty and healthy. I joked on my Travel Blog that Turkey was the one place I ate balanced meals and actually liked them, and Marlaina's has similar food. Mom would probably disagree that what I ate tonight was especially balanced, but I think salad, lamb, and baklava is a good balance for me!

Short version - it's delicious, and healthy. I definitely recommend it for a special occasion.

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