Monday, July 18, 2011

**Spoiler Alert**

I just saw the new Harry Potter movie last night. A ten out of ten!

Aside from superb graphics and great acting by a familiar cast, the movie mostly held true to the books. There were moments that swept me up in all the action and moments that moved me to tears. Even the death of Severus Snape (whom I HATE!!) was gut-wrenching and sad. The scene at the end where Harry has the Resurrection Stone and is surrounded by Lupin, Sirius, his father and his mother managed to be both sad and joyful. When Harry asked if the Death Eaters would see the four semi-ghosts, Sirius put his hand over Harry's heart and said, "We are right here," recalling what the living Sirius said to Harry in the third movie. The most exhillerating part had to be when Mrs. Weasley took down Bellatrix Lestrange single-handedly, especially when Bellatrix exploded. That is one psychopath the world will never miss.

So, aside from being depressing that there will be no more Harry Potter, the last movie lived up to the standards of a great story.

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  1. And seeing the last movie in 3D is especially fun. My family watched it in the theater in 3D, and when Voldemort was defeated, we saw pieces of him floating around.