Friday, April 27, 2012

Alert! Alert! Alert!

There are a lot of people who think the mainstream media does a bad job of covering what really happens in the world; I am one of them. The most under-reported event happening in the world today is the war going on in the Sudanese region of Southern Kordofan. Several hundred thousand people have fled their villages to the Nuba Mountains, where they live in deplorable conditions. It is estimated that by next year, thirty thousand people will be starving to death.

The worst part is that the Sudanese government is forcing this on the residents of Kordofan. President Bashir is ordering his army to hunt them down and kill them. He has refused to allow any humanitarian aid to the refugees in the Nuba Mountains. Most of them cannot flee across the border into free South Sudan.

I would ask anyone who reads this to pass it along to all your friends. Only when people are informed can they begin to take action.

For more information about the situation in South Sudan and Kordofan, visit

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