Sunday, September 16, 2012

Haunted House

I know, it's a little early to be posting about haunted houses, since it's not even October yet. In my defense, there are people talking about playing Christmas music during our jamming sessions, and I'm not one of them. Not that I object to Christmas music - I love it. I just don't think it's wise to be jamming it in the middle of September.

Anyway, back to the haunted houses. I actually don't mind the things. I think they're kinda cool. Therre is, however, one thing I remember vividly about each one, and it's not the darkness, or the gore, or anything else like that. It's the fact that every time I go into one with a friend, they always end up grabbing my arm and hiding behind me. This turns the place less into a haunted house and more of a house of laughs. I remember one time the person who really, really, REALLY freaked my friend out was a security guard standing at the entrance. If I'd had a camera on my phone, that would have gone on Facebook.

The reason I'm musing about haunted houses is that there's a corridor in my school called the Nun Run. Basically a very creepy hallway where a few nuns were rumored to have killed themselves back when this school was a convent. Somebody took me, a very calm guy named Adam, and my easily excited friend Emily to the Nun Run last night. We didn't actually go in it, but when we returned to the jamming session, we found it deserted except for a friend's iPad. It was playing creepy music and had a picture of a nun on it.

Did not scare me, Tom and Sarah. Not at all.  I can't vouch for Emily, though...

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