Monday, October 8, 2012

Endings, Etc.

So, partially thanks to the wave of Hunger Games frenzy that swept the nation and partially thanks to the honors class I'm in, I've been wondering a bit about story endings. As I said in earlier posts, I believe stories must have good endings. An ending is probably the most important part of the story. (I realize a number of my readers were not happy with my cliffhanger endings, but the endings of a book are not necessarily the ending of a story.) That all being said, there is a difference between a good ending and a happy ending. I don't think Gladiator had what you could call a happy ending, but it was still a good ending.

For the record, all of my stories will have happy or mostly happy endings. I like happy endings.

I've already said, in great detail, what I think a good ending is. Just look at my most outraged posts from this latest spring. But what about happy endings? What makes an ending happy? As I was pondering this, one of my friends said, "There's no such thing as a happy ending."

Well, I thought about that, and after much thought, I agree. There is no such thing as a happy ending. But I'm not questioning the "happy" part. I'm questioning the "ending."

We humans don't like things to end. We like for stuff to always have a tomorrow and a new adventure on new horizons. We want our heroes to live forever. So then, how can a story's ending be happy? Simple - by not being an ending, but instead a new beginning.

So does this mean that all my stories will have cliffhanger endings? No. Just most of them. :)

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