Monday, November 26, 2012

Never Underestimate the Young!

First things first: No one should be surprised by that title. If you were, look to the left and read the blurb about me. I firmly believe that being young is NEVER a reason to not do what you feel you must. (So that I'm not misquoted, let me clarify - I do not advocate drinking under 21 or driving before you're 16, or 15&1/2, or whatever your state's age limit is. However, the reason to not do those things is not age, it's law.)

Today I had the privilege of seeing a very brave sixteen-year-old on Twitter. Her name is Bethany Bowra, and when one of the commentators on Twitter made a blatant, and rather disgusting, comment, she challenged him with calm reason. I won't take any stand on the issue they debated (using a polite term,) but I will say that Bethany did a fabulous job. In fact, she just about handed him his bottom (again, using a polite term.)

The point of this post is that just because you're young, inexperienced, insert your own synonym, doesn't mean you are at any particular disadvantage. Reach for the stars, and never let anything hold you back!

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