Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pictures from the Museum of Something-or-Other in Milwaukee

So, as I was uploading the page of pictures about the Fall Retreat, I noticed that someone had already looked at the previous two picture pages. Whoever you are, please leave a comment! :)

Anyway, these pictures are from when the Fairview Youth Group - otherwise known as the Isle of Misfit Toys Youth Group - took a trip to some museum in downtown Milwaukee.

Anna, Tammy, and Michael

My awesome roommate, Faith!

Michael the Masai

Michael, Tammy, Anna, and Faith

The Arctic - my favorite exhibit!

Explorers of the Arctic!


  1. Well, who doesn't love the Arctic? Especially snow-obsessed people like me. And if those sled dogs were real, I'd be trying to smuggle them home with me...

    1. The Arctic exhibits are certainly some of the most interesting!