Monday, January 27, 2014

More Graystone

Do you know how cold it is in Wisconsin? It's so cold they cancelled classes tomorrow! Yay!!!

(Seriously, though, the message didn't say anything about the snow. It's just the "extreme temperature forecast.")

Anyway, more about Graystone...

Okay, so there's three main characters. One, of course, is Conch, Anamay's son. He's going to have to deal with his mother's choice to marry a sea otter, which, as you may recall, was not well received by a lot of creatures. Also - remember Asherad? One of the characters is his second-youngest sister. As for the third one, remember how Ol'ver and Ran'ta adopted a mouse orphan? He's the last one.

I think I might have mentioned that Zuryzel's perspective is only seen once... she's a constant topic of discussion, though.

All the main characters have siblings... Jaccah's children show up... So do Orlysk Rainbow and, of course, Shartalla.

That's all for now! I'm going to write a quick synopsis and get it up on my website ASAP.

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