Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Your Life Begins When You Begin It!

Disclaimer: I am making no political endorsement. I am merely using one girl's story to illustrate a point.

Yesterday America went through a regular explosion known as an"election." The part of this election that I liked the best is the story of Saira Blair. She ran for a seat in the West Virginia legislature, and she won.

The best part? She's eighteen.

Yes, you read that correctly. She is eighteen years old, and she won an election. Now, of course, she gets the job of working in a government position. Just think about that - she's eighteen, and she is an elected official!

While I do not in the least envy this girl's job - especially not in view of the diatribe she is sure to receive for being only 18 - her story is a wonderful example for America. What's the lesson here? Young people can make a difference!

I've posted in the past about Sam Woolf, a seventeen-year-old contestant for American Idol; and Elizabeth McKinney, an eighteen-year-old about to publish her second book. Now I can happily add Saira Blair to my list of teenagers pursuing ambitions. Teenagers everywhere, learn from these people: you don't have to wait for graduation, college, and grad school for your life to begin. Your life begins when you begin it, and not once you've met some generic academic standards. Your life is bigger than those parameters - don't let anything hold you back!

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