Monday, December 22, 2014

Why Seattle is Awesome in Just One Photo!

Oh, Seattle... :) 


Thanks to the Seattle Storm for posting their reponse to the Seattle Sounders FC response to the Seattle Seahawks response to the Seattle Mariners:

Here are the tweets:

Now all that's missing is a 12th Man bus going to Arizona. (Not that it matters, because I'll be in Ireland... but it would be cool on TV!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Loving being home!

Today I went to the mall, mostly because I needed to get my hair cut (and it looks wonderful, I think) but while I was waiting for rush hour to be over, I wandered around JCPenny. They had a whole collection of Frozen t-shirts... and I didn't get any. I'm kind of kicking myself for that now, but maybe I'll find one under the Christmas tree. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Wednesday morning began  with the miserable experience of saying farewell to Liz. She went home to California for Christmas. I won't see her in person until next fall (although she promised to Skype with story ideas!)

Then yesterday afternoon, Faith left. She lives in Illinois. The apartment was so very empty without them there, and all I had to do was pack.

Then this morning, Sarah came to get my stuff, since she's storing stuff for me until fall. We went to Starbucks on the way to her house, just because. Then I had to say goodbye to her, too, but this time it wasn't a sad goodbye. The next time I see her will be in the British Isles!

Okay, Europe! Here I come!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Finals Begin

Ugh. Words everyone wants to use to start their day.

On the bright side, I get to go home this Sunday. I'll miss my roommates Liz and Faith next spring, though! But I plan to have lots of exciting stories to tell them for next fall.

For anyone else starting finals today, good luck! Keep calm, study hard, and remember that you can do this.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Travel Blog

Hey, everyone!

I just created a new blog called Marta's Travel Blog, where I'm going to post all the information about my travels to Europe this spring. If you're at all interested, go take a look! I put in a gadget that should let you put in your email, so you will get notifications when I put up a new post.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's Finally Here...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I know I never got around to posting my list of things I'm grateful for, but I never have room to list everything. Besides, the list this year would be pretty similar to last year's.

With one exception...

Last year, I (think I) posted about being happy Graystone was almost finished. This year, I get to post about Graystone actually being published!

If you can't believe how long that took, neither can I. But no matter - it's here now. The cover is beautiful, as usual (thanks, Laura!) and it's available through Amazon (special link coming) or through my website. One of the early readers was Elizabeth Anne McKinney, author of Young Falcon, and you can see her review on the back cover.

Graystone features three main characters: Nathan'el, Conch, and Nurida. The three of them find themselves fighting the same enemy on different battlefields, and against some strange and mysterious enemies. I think my favorite of those three is Conch, because he's very determined, but I think Nurida and Nathan'el are interesting characters, too. When you read Graystone, leave a comment on my blog and let me know which character you like the best!

Before I forget - thank you, Lord God, for the gift of seeing Graystone in print.