Thursday, November 15, 2012

Twitter War

So maybe I'm a day late in bringing this up. Whatever. Something tells me I'm ahead of some of the media.

Yesterday morning the Israeli Defense Force launched a missile strike into Gaza and assassinated a senior Hamas leader. Hamas retaliated by launching a heck of a lot of rockets and shells into Israel -I think it was something like 140!! Three Israeli civilians were killed when their home was hit, but apparently Israel's defenses have done a good job stopping most projectiles.

Now the conflict is heating up... On Twitter.

No joke. The IDF and Hamas are exchanging very angry tweets about the conflict. Twenty-first century warfare! If you ever wanted to watch a war up close from the safety of your living room, go on Twitter. It's better than a war movie- it's happening right now. This is history being written.

Update: some rockets are hitting Tel-Aviv. First time since 1991 that Tel-Aviv has been a war zone.


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