Friday, November 16, 2012


So, as some of you may know, my two favorite classes are English and history. This morning I was registering for my second semester classes. It wasn't much fun. All the English classes are scheduled at the same time as most of the history classes I wanted to take. All the good theology classes were at the same time, too, and I need a theology class. I considered a chemistry class, but the only ones open are lab classes, which I don't want to take yet. Oh, and the pirate class I was so psyched about was full a week ago. I hope it comes back in a few years so I can take it,  but preferably not during my third year, because that's when I'll be studying abroad (most likely in Ireland or Queb├ęc.)

But I did get into most of the classes that I needed to, thank goodness. And next year, when I'm a sophomore, it will be so much better.

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