Thursday, April 9, 2015

Marta's Checklist for Today

In which I get to sorta-kinda brag about my adventures today.

1. Registration for Fall
There are few feelings quite as satisfying as being six time zones ahead of your school on registration day. Whereas most of the other upcoming seniors/Honors students had to wake up at 7:30 am, I just had lunch and registered at 1:30 pm. Good times! Very relaxing. Okay, not really, it was pretty frustrating because I had a lot of trouble deciding which core American history I wanted to take, but I decided to go with the class covering 1865-1945. Then there's my required theology, one of my capstone projects (yikes!) and Medieval Literature. I'm really looking forward to that last one!

2. Get trip to Portsmouth sorted out
I thought I'd finished this yesterday, but no... After putting out its final end-of-semester schedule, they revised it again, moving my one exam to the same time as my flight to London, whereas before it had ended five hours before my flight. I was not happy about this - but, fortunately, the registrar had been prepared for something like that, and I get to sit the exam in the morning anyway. *sigh of relief*
That was pretty much my day after class. This next week is my last week of classes, and then I have break for one week (during which I will be in Croatia, so expect some updates from that!!!!) and then a week and a half of exams, and then I'm off to Portsmouth... Then, eventually, home. It's back to Alaska National for my summer job, and I will have a list of fairs and events I'm going to be at this summer.