Monday, September 5, 2016

Quick Summer Wrap-Up

Well, I hope everybody had a great, relaxing summer. Mine was just fine (I'll have the Christmas craft shows I'll be at posted soon, by the way) with a fair amount of work, lots of hanging out with friends, and two exciting trips. The first one was a trip to Arizona to visit my grandparents, and while I was there, I visited the butterfly museum. I'm not going to upload all the tons of pictures I took there - just a few of the prettier ones:

Such pretty blue!

Such pretty green!

Notice the edges of the wings. They reminded me of lace and ruffles.

Here's a little purple

The white on its wings make a heart!

And here is my personal favorite one: the see-through butterfly!

Anyway, my second trip deserves a post (or two or three) all to itself, so stay tuned for that!