Monday, February 6, 2017

There Be Snow!

Hey everyone! If you're in western Washington, you probably heard that snow is shutting down most of the Seattle area, which includes my Monday job. So I'm currently home working on the next Darkwoods novel! I've already made lots of progress - three pages longer! (Trust me, that's lots of progress compared to how I've been doing.)


  1. Ah, those slow writing periods. Whether you're busy, uninspired, or just lazy (aka me), they seem to infect all writers from time to time.
    Some of my family members live in Washington. My second cousins have enjoyed a lot of snow days this winter. School, on the other hand... what's that?
    Say, I just had a thought. In the 'Darkwoods' series, you mentioned two sea serpents who guard the path between Cerecinthia and the Serpent's Land. I just found something interesting on a webpage, which says that in Celtic mythology, dragons are believed to guard the gate to both the Heavens and the Underworld. Might there be a connection, or is it just happenstance that these two tales are similar?

    1. First, sorry I missed your comment for so long. Blogger has been rearranged, so they no longer show all the comments, both published and unpublished, in the same place, so I didn't see it until today. Second, it's just happenstance. That's the first I've heard about the dragons guarding the gate to the Heavens, so thanks for sharing that with me. Where did you hear that?

    2. Well, web designers wait until everyone's familiar with the format of the site, then change everything. And then they laugh maniacally.
      And yes, there are a few disadvantages to Blogger's changes. Before, when I went to the home-page of Blogger, I saw the latest posts on blogs I follow. With it no longer right there, I often forget to click 'Reading List' and see if there are updates. So I'm behind on my blog reading by about two weeks.

      I found it here:
      Interesting that those two are similar, yet you didn't base your world-building on that. Maybe it's something you read, but only remembered sub-consciously. Or perhaps it is just coincidence. Eerie...