Friday, June 15, 2018

SPU Graduation!!!

For the first time since Kindergarten, I am not enrolled as a student in any school. Not gonna lie, I was too exhausted to really appreciate this until recently, but the joy is just beginning to bubble up.


Back when I was in high school and about to graduate, Mom told me, "It's all over but the shouting". In other words, all that's left is to party. So, here are some pictures of my graduation ceremony:

Before the actual graduation, there was a ceremony called the hooding ceremony, where one of the faculty members put our masters hoods on us. At WLC and for doctoral students at SPU, this is part of the whole graduation ceremony, but I guess when you have about 200 graduates, that can get long, so they have a separate ceremony for the masters.

Me looking for my favorite professor to hood me

Me getting hooded!

After hooding, with my dad

That light blue around my neck (the hood) is the color for education. Academic masters hoods are designed a certain way: the outside of the hood is the color of the discipline (education), while the inside of the hood are the colors of the school. The hoods are generally turned a certain way to show both the university and the discipline (there's one of me with the back of the hood below that will show you). According to SPU, the academic garments (hood, robe, hat, etc.) are based off of ecclesiastical garb (church clothes!). 

After hooding, with my mom (some of you have definitely met her)

This is after the graduation ceremony. That lei was a gift from a family friend. I guess leis are very popular for graduation this year! That thing smelled so beautiful that I wore it through dinner. :) 

Out in front of SPU! See the sign? That's the entrance to what I think is the oldest part of the school.

And here's the picture showing the school and the discipline. 
The best part about all of this, though, is that I officially have my first teaching job. Where? Teaching what?

Well, let's just say...

It's back to my Travel Blog!!!