Wednesday, March 21, 2012


If anyone has ever seen the A&E Pride and Prejudice (which, in my humble and unbiased opinion, is the best one) you will see some pretty amazing ballroom dancing. I wish I could find a place that teaches it, because it is beautiful and far harder than it looks. There's all kinds of very intricate steps that take concentration.

While on the subject, I found one of my last dance performances thrilling, and not because it went absolutely perfectly (which it did!) One of my best dance friends had mono for about three weeks prior to the performance. She hadn't been in practices for a while. So on Saturday, when our last performance was at the Elks Inn in Burien, she showed up and I was thrilled both to see her and to not be the only one in my class dancing. I expected her to do well, because she always does, but I didn't exactly expect her to be on top of her game. I mean, she'd just been sick! However, to my extreme surprise and delight, when she got up to dance for our first dance (a reel to the Celtic Woman version of Nil S'en La,) she was not only on top of her game, she was better than I remembered! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, because she's a very good dancer, but it was still amazing!

And finally ... I am working on the saddest dance of my life: my Senior Solo. It is a special privilege to high school seniors at my dance school. Sigh. This will likely be the last year that I'll do much dancing, as I have no idea how I'll get places in college. I'll be so sad to leave high school. I really enjoyed high school, and I loved the dancing I've done for the last six years.

However... if by some miracle I find a place nearby that offers dance...

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