Monday, September 3, 2012

Great Movies

For my honor's class in college, I have to read a book entitled How to Read a Book.

I know, the title sounds dubious, but it actually isn't too redundant. It explains how to read a book in order to gain understanding -- not knowledge, but understanding. Anyway, it talks a lot about bad books, good books, and great books. I really don't think I'd agree with the authors about what great books are, but it's really got me thinking.

I figured you can apply the great principle to movies, too. Lord of the Rings definitely falls into the category of great movies. So does the Chronicles of Narnia. Just about everybody I've talked to agrees with me on that. But one movie that almost no one I've talked to here at WLC has seen that I think is a great movie is Last of the Mohicans. That movie is fabulous (and not just because Eric Schweig, who plays Uncas, is very good-looking.) That movie has fantastic fight scenes and great music.

The thing is that it is a very intense movie. You have to watch it all the way through or it will drive you crazy.

I discovered that I can watch Netflix stuff on my iPad, and I found the movie and began watching it Friday night. It was getting right to the ante-climax (or the part right before the climax -- I made that up, so I don't know if ante-climax is a real term) when all of a sudden the movie disappeared. Frustrated, I went back to look for it, but it was gone from Netflix!

I'm sure some of you figured it out sooner than I did. As far as I can tell, Netflix rents its movies on a monthly basis. Friday night at midnight, it went from August to September. Last of the Mohicans is not available this month. GRRRR!

Thank goodness one of my friends let me borrow the DVD to finish watching it. As soon as I can get to a movie store somewhere, I am buying that movie. (Or Blu-ray, if it has Blu-ray. That way I can leave the Blu-ray with my parents and take the DVD to college.)

So, anybody who would like to add to the list of great movies, make a comment under this post!

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