Friday, September 7, 2012

Outdoor Movie Night

Needless to say there aren't too many outdoor movie nights in Seattle. It rains every time one gets planned without fail. Somehow I didn't expect the same thing to happen in Milwaukee, too. I mean, I know this week has had lots of rain - we even had a thunderstorm Tuesday night - and it's certainly been cloudy every morning. I don't mind it at all, but there are some people walking around in rainboots with big umbrellas. I tell my midwest friends that this is what Washington is like from September 29 to July 5 - cloudy with little bursts of rain. They all say how glad they are not to live there. Anyway, it rained enough today that the outdoor movie, which happens to be Snow White and the Huntsman, got moved inside to the Underground. I am REALLY not complaining, because I love the Underground. I also spent most of the summer trying to get to see Snow White and the Huntsman, so the chance to see it for free is pretty epic.

Earlier today one of my suitemates came over because she was bored. We watched clips of Messy Mondays for about an hour. For those who don't know, Messy Mondays is something done by a college student. He does this comedy thing every Monday and puts it up on YouTube. I absolutely love his comedies - not only are they clean and still funny, but you can glean something from them too. He does a lot about dating, I've noticed, and it's something I think all teens should check out. The guy's pretty smart, and he knows how to make people laugh. That's something a lot of people seem to need these days.

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