Friday, October 12, 2012

A Friend's Birthday

Today is my friend Sarah's nineteenth birthday. Since she's a commuter,  I had the task of keeping her company until our friend's apartment was ready. Emily finally let us in, but she raced ahead of us to warn everyone that Sarah was coming. I grabbed her and we both ran the other way and hid down the hall for a few minutes. Finally someone came looking for us, but it was someone I've never seen before. It turned out he was Ethan, who Emily had once been enamoured of. He brought us back, and this time everyone jumped out and shouted "Happy Birthday!"

Emily was the entertainment. We eventually started a countdown of everything that makes her goofy. That was great entertainment. I had puppy chow for the first time in my life, and it was delicious. But Emily said she had to finish a paper, so Cody told her to finish her paper and he would reward her with hugs. She's currently confined to sign language while we play Apples to Apples. More updates later.

UPDATE: We played Apples to Apples twice, and then a few rounds of Game of Things. Emily did finish her paper in time, and she came out to play Game of Things with us. We considered playing mafia, but then decided that it was time to watch Ocean's Twelve.

Sarah says she enjoyed it. :)

Happy Birthday, Sarah! We all love you!

We had a GREAT time!

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