Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Zoo

Yesterday my two friends Cody and Lauren and I went to the Milwaukee County Zoo. I haven't been to a zoo since July, and it was a wonderful change from spending the entire day on campus. The zoo is a little ways down the street from the college, so we walked there. Lauren was excited to see the penguins and Cody wanted to see the small mamals. Me? I was hoping to see wolves, grizzley bears, or bald eagles. Well, we saw the first two. There weren't any bald eagles there. We also saw some elephants up close-ish. The elephants in Woodland Park Zoo have this massive enclosure, so you can never get especially close to them. The two elephants in the Milwaukee Zoo had a smaller pen and there was only about ten feet separating the walkway from the edge of the pen. Elephants really are very wrinkly!

The best part, though, was the cheetah. It was flopped out right up against the window, sleeping. I know those animals are dangerous and can rip things to shreds, but that cheetah was so adorable! It turned to look at me and winked. He looked so soft that I just wanted to hug him. It's a good thing there was some glass between me and him.

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