Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Poem Originally For My Mom On Her Birthday

September 25, 2013
FYI, Mom, this is not a comment on age, it's just a reflection of what I was looking at.
I Hear No Voice in Autumn’s Wind

I hear no voice in Autumn’s wind,
No fire in leaves I spy,
The trees like sentinels have stood,
But weariness adorns their wood;
Their rest is drawing nigh.

As days grow tired near their end,
As eyes begin to close
Well before the stars appear,
So an empty sigh I hear
As Autumn’s chill wind blows.

The lake grows colder every day,
And mists arise at night.
I smell the water on the breeze,
With dusky scents that come from trees
And geese’s southern flight.

Evening light takes daylight’s place,
For Winter nearer draws;
The squirrel’s fur is twice as strong,
And well he knows the silent song
That trembles ’neath his claws.

I hear no voice in Autumn’s wind;
Instead a fading sigh.
An emptiness is everywhere,
Between the trees and in the air;
Winter is drawing nigh.

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