Monday, September 16, 2013

School Life

Tuesdays are rapidly becoming my favorite days. It's the day that my work schedule coincides with two other research assistants, which is nice since I'm not in that office by myself. They're also serving ice cream sundaes (yum!!!)

Today it was a little chilly, which means that my long excursions to the park are going to become both shorter and fewer. I better hurry up and finish Graystone before it starts raining! Although, if it rains I could probably chill in Caribou Coffee. I get a dollar off if I do a survey online, now, which is quite nice. It's kind of expensive coffee. I probably shouldn't be going there, but it's so much easier to get stuff done than when I'm in my dorm room surrounded by movies or in the library surrounded by books.

Anyway - my church has a website now. It's a little incomplete, but for a church where about 50% of the members probably have no idea what a blog is, that's quite the accomplishment. You can find it at Divine Peace Lutheran. It's even got rotating pictures of the church. I really miss it sometimes.

On further business, I have been given permission to post a link to the website that I'm upkeeping: Fourth Century Christianity. Nothing I've written has been added yet, but my biography for Ambrose of Milan should be put up as soon as my supervisor approves it.

That's all I can think of for the time being... other than, if you go to WLC or live in the Milwaukee/Wauwatosa area, you should really attend the MABAS lecture in the Black Box tomorrow. I'll be there!

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