Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Collection of Events

My titles are really losing their imagination. Sigh. Oh well.

Okay, event one: Saturday was the first WLC homecoming dance. It was in the Caf, and there were maybe a hundred people there at the highest peak. I had a fun time anyway, and I heard some song by someone called Zedd called Clarity. I really liked that song - I think I'll buy it from iTunes when I get a gift card.

Event two: Sunday, I found myself volunteering at a silent auction. I got to dress up in a pretty dress that got many compliments. There was a local music artist who sang some of her songs - the first one, called "Hero," effectively yanked at my heart. The singer is Jayme Dawicki, and I'd really recommend getting her music on iTunes.

Event three: Monday, we had a guest speaker called Eva Kor, a survivor of the Nazi death camps and the USSR. She spoke about her experience in Auswitz and about how she forgave the Nazis for their cruelty. It was inspiring on so many levels, and I thank God that I got the chance to hear that. God bless her.

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