Friday, October 25, 2013

Faster Than the Wind

I've heard people say stuff like, "Run like the wind," or "faster than the wind..." you get the idea. When I was walking to Pick 'n' Save today, because I needed a big envelope lined with bubble wrap, the wind began blowing fairly hard. There were all these little pieces of dry leaves being blown along, and I began racing them. I left them in the dust - literal dust, since I was by a construction site.

Anyway, I guess the semester has passed the part where every day seems like a year long, and moved into the part where the weeks go by before you can blink. It's already almost the end of October, and it's been almost two weeks since my trip to Minnesota. I turned in one of my big semester projects today, and the upcoming ones should consume my time like fire consumes oxygen.

Tonight was Halloween in the Halls. My floor's theme was Disney Princesses, and I was Meg from Hercules. I'll upload a picture later.

Right now, I desperately need a new book series to love. Hey, Elizabeth McKinney, how's the next book coming? I've been reading Twilight: New Moon (mostly because Jacob is pretty freakin' cool,) but it's not something I can really love.

There is my own book series, and the Quest for Rinaria (which I will try to get up tomorrow.) It's been hard for me to work on my own books since my cousin died, though. They all have a part in my heart very near to where he was, so sometimes it still hurts to look at them. It's getting a little easier, though. I wrote three pages yesterday in Graystone, so that's something!

The wind just picked up. I opened the window and found it started raining. Thank the Lord - we need a little rain.

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