Monday, December 9, 2013

The Dark World

Okay, I should be studying for my two finals tomorrow, but I have been studying all freakin' day... I'm bored. I'm really bored. So I'm going to kill some time by catching everyone up on what's been happening since Thanksgiving.

On Black Friday, I met up with Selah at the Mayfair Mall, and we went to see two movies. One was Frozen (which, by the way, really was the best Disney movie since The Lion King. The critics who say that are not exaggerating.) The other was Thor: The Dark World. I have to say, the original Thor was just - eh. Not great, but not terrible. Not gonna lie, the best part was Loki. He was the best part of The Avengers too, although Captain America was a close second. Loki retained his role as the best character in the movie in The Dark World - the superior in every way to Thor. Seriously, it was completely awesome. It was better than The Avengers. It is one of the best movies I have spent money on.

The Thor and Loki bantering was hilarious, Loki's last scene in Sfartalvheim (sp?) was heartbreaking, and hte little plot twist at the end was... ominous. But when Loki was sitting in his cell talking to his mother, and then it turned out she really wasn't there, I burst into tears. Maybe the reason I loved the movie so much is that it explored their familial relationship, and it reminded me a whole lot of Boromir and Faramir, who are two of my favorite characters, but still. Loki has some pretty awesome lines, both laughable and tear-jerking.

Tom Hiddleston is really the best actor to play Loki. After I saw it for a second time last Friday (the tickets were free) I finally decided to look up the actor on Wikipedia (or have a friend do it for me, at any rate) and it turns out the actor was in War Horse. Um... say what? I was stunned. I didn't like War Horse that much, and didn't remember who Captain Nicholls was, so I YouTubed War Horse Captain Nicholls and came up with the clip where Alfred had to sell the horse Joey. And then I remembered - Captain Nicholls was the only part of that movie I liked. He was the sincere, honest, honorable, kind, friendly, earnest, total-opposite-of-Loki captain who bought Joey and promised to return him to Alfred if he could, but was killed in a cavalry charge against machine guns! My. Mind. Is. Blown. I mean, the voice is the same, and the eyes are kinda the same, but... holy cow. There is no other similarity between Loki and Captain Nicholls.

Well. I mean, they're both the best parts of the movies they show up in, but still.

I really hope Loki makes a few more appearances in the Marvelverse. He's pretty awesome. So's the actor, and clearly I need to look at the other movies he's been in.

Oh, some more stunning Thor trivia: according to Wikipedia, the first full-length movie that Chris Hemsworth, the guy who played Thor, was in was J. J. Abrams' Star Trek. He was also the hunter in Snow White and the Huntsman. Not quite as amazing as Tom Hiddleston... but still.

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