Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Wonder...

I'm sure every single girl out there has heard the befuddlement of men over cosmetics and other beauty aids. They wonder why on earth women would spend so much time trying to look pretty, and why they think they're never good enough. The logical reasons assumed by men is that girls compare themselves to either their classmates or movie stars or supermodels. Or they think girls are just irrational, blind, and stupid.

Today in my Journalism class, two guys started talking about Kierra Knightly and how drop-dead gorgeous she is, even when not wearing makeup. Then they started talking about how girls who are not absolutely stunning but perfect in every other way are just friends and not good enough to date. So, in other words, if a girl wants to date a guy she has absolutely no chance at all unless she's really beautiful.

Of course girls are stupid to try to look pretty.

I'm not saying girls need makeup and perfume and whatever other ridiculous stuff is out there in order to look beautiful. God made each and every girl pretty and unique. What I am saying is that boys, who are so befuddled by the obsession to look beautiful, are the ones helping it along. Guys, please, get a clue! You will find many happier girls if you do.

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