Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Do You Know!

The title above applies to two separate topics. First, of course, the Seahawks!! Way to beat the Packers! I know, I know, everybody's saying the last Hail Mary was a bad call by the refs, but I still say the Seahawks won it fair and square. The play before the Hail Mary was an awful call by the refs - if they had called that one right, the Seahawks would have won a play early. And come on! Aaron Rodgers was sacked nine times! That's outlandish!

Secondly, more movies. Mom's final package of movies arrived today, and among them were Curse of the Black Pearl, which I haven't seen in at least five years, and Dead Man's Chest, which I've never seen. I have seen At World's End, so I know all about Davy Jones and Calypso (by the way, I dislike her fiercely! Ten years and she couldn't even be bothered to be there???? But I love the movie. After all, part of a good story is having a person to really hate. But I kinda like Davy Jones. For ten years -loyalty in the extreme. When he is briefly shown in his human form, he would be a really handsome man if he just shaved. But enough of that.) I remember not liking Pirates at all when I was about twelve. Now the movies are the next best thing to Narnia, which is the next best thing to Lord of the Rings. Movie wise, anyway. If you were talking just basic stories, Harry Potter would be in there somewhere between Pirates and Lord of the Rings. Those movies aren't as good as they could be, though, so movie-wise they're somewhere below Last of the Mohicans. Anyway, thanks again to my Mom for sending the trilogy, even though she's not very fond of Jack Sparrow. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

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