Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Good Christmas ... (NOT!)

Some various Christmas prices:
$7 can give a malnourished kid a week of hot meals (Samaritan's Purse.)
$10 can pay for mosquito nets in malaria-infested areas which can save a kid's life (Samaritan's Purse.)
$15 pays a month's tuition for a kid to learn to read AND includes school supplies (Samaritan's Purse.)
$75 can give an abandoned kid shelter and basic necessities, again through Samaritan's Purse.
$6,000 can bring a veteran and his/her spouse to a weeklong vacation in Alaska, an experience which can encourage someone wounded in battle and save their marriage - again, Samaritan's Purse.
$10,000 can provide a community in Africa with clean, drinkable water from a well
Somewhere in between the veteran's vacation and the well is the cost of publishing a book, but to make life easy we'll say its about $10,000 as well.
$4,000,000 - that's four million dollars - is an Obama Christmas vacation to Hawaii.

With the money he is using to go enjoy himself for three weeks, I could publish Graystone and Arashna (the tentative title for book 4) and still have enough left over to pay for at least two of everything on that Samaritan's Purse list. Probably closer to ten of everything. Oh, and I wouldn't have to worry about possibly not publishing book four and instead jamming it together with book three and leaving out half of an exciting story.

I'm not against people having nice vacations, but he is the president and he can't afford to. America is racing toward a fiscal cliff on his watch - what is he doing in Hawaii? Some experts think we're going to hit the edge of the fiscal cliff during his vacation. Not a good way to spend Christmas ... at least, not good for America.

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