Monday, November 19, 2012

Honor's Shenanegans

Today was one of the best honors classes of the year. It all started when Tom didn't show up. Apparently he's missed quite a few classes, but this is the first time he's missed an honor's class. The hilarity continued because of a number of disputes about the validity of Ludicrous - sorry, Lucretius.

Glaeske: What are the Furies?
Ethan: They were the ladies who cut the string, right?
Sarah: No, those were the Fates.
Me: The Furies hunted souls that escaped Hades.
Ethan: Right! They were giant birds of prey with women's faces.
Glaeske: No, those were Harpies.
Ethan: Oh yeah, that's right. Medusa was a harpy.
Me: Medusa was a Gorgon.
Ethan: Maybe I should shut up now.

Another one:
John: I remember from Hercules that the Fates only had one eye.
Glaeske: Ah, you're caught up on the Ten Labors, are you?
Me: No, the Disney movie Hercules.
Glaeske: *facepalm*

And the best one:
Glaeske: He caught his wife in a rather uncompromising situation with another man.
Me (in an undertone): Technically that would be a compromising situation.


After Honors, Sarah, Emily, Cody, and I went to find Tom and torture him. Emily started by FaceTiming him, and the view of him in the phone was pitch black. Sarah was cackling, saying he'd fallen asleep. Since Cody lives on the same floor as Tom, he let us all in and Emily FaceTimed him again from right outside his dorm. There was the usual repartee of "Where are you?" "I'm here!" "Where's here?" "Right here!" and then Tom stumbled out of his dorm like a zombie. He had fallen asleep right before class - reading the stuff he had to read for class! As he was telling the girls this, Cody slipped into his dorm and locked the door, locking Tom out. We then proceeded to tell Tom that he missed Glaeske chemically disproving love, which Glaeske has been boasting he would do for the last few weeks. Although Tom says we didn't fool him for a second, the look on his face was priceless.

I think we fooled him. I know he missed some of the best interactions in Honors today.

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  1. Lol poor Tom.... I actually slept too late today... I forgot to take my cell phone off vibrate, and since it's my alarm, well... I missed my piano lesson and periods two and three... (You'll know who I am since I mentioned this in my FB status.)