Sunday, November 18, 2012

Operation Christmas Child 2012

I should have posted this waaaaaaay sooner - sorry about that. Some of you may remember how last year I blogged about Operation Christmas Child, a project run by Samaritan's Purse that works to send shoeboxes filled with basic necessities to kids in impoverished parts of the world. Americans have been so blessed (I mean, come on - complaining that the food in the cafeteria tastes less good than it does at home? We have enough food not to be hungry every day, and a lot of people don't ever get that!)

Anyway, this year I packed a shoebox for a fourteen-year-old boy. Watching some of the video clips on the OCC website, they seemed to want mostly school supplies this year, so I focused on those. Also, they have something fabulous this year - a tag you can get online with a barcode. When they scan the barcode, they will email you and tell you where your shoebox went. It's seven bucks for this barcode, since that's how they pay for shipping.

Tomorrow is the last day to drop off a filled shoebox. I'm going to drop mine off today, since I have classes tomorrow. If you plan to fill up a shoebox - and I encourage you to do so - then you can find instructions and drop-off sites at Also, you can include a letter and a picture of yourself, and whoever gets your box will really appreciate that.

If you don't have time to go shopping or go to a drop-off, the website has a possibility called build-a-box, where you can customize a box online for $30. You can choose what goes into the box, and they will take care of getting the stuff.

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