Friday, December 7, 2012

More of My Favorite Show

You all knew I wouldn't be able to keep away from NCIS for long, right? I only just saw the most recent episode online, called "Gone." The main subplot was about trying to get Ziva and Abby closer together. However, the more amusing subplot was, as usual, between Tony and Ziva.

It started when Ziva began talking about her male friend "Schmeil." Of course Tony got jealous, but he was also amazed that Ziva could be attracted to anyone with a name like "Schmeil." Tony being the movie connoisseur that he is, I guess he thought of "Smeagol" for a while. Anyway, most of the episode was about Tony trying to figure out who Schmeil was, and why he had such a name. It turned out that Schmeil was a very old poet who knew Ziva since she was three - so not exactly a dating option. Of course, Ziva just let Tony run with his dating-theory-sparked jealousy.

This now seems to be a running theme - Tony thinking Ziva's going on a date and then she isn't. The first time that happened was during that arc with the arsonist, Harper Deering. That time it turned out Ziva was just going for a Pilates weekend with her landlady. Then there was Shell Shock part 2, when Ziva kept trying to get tickets to the opera. Tony (and McGee, Gibbs, and Abby) all thought she had a really serious date, but she was really just going to remember her sister, Tali, who died in a Hamas suicide bombing.

(By the way, has anyone else found it interesting that we hear more about Ari now than we do about Kate? It's true - Ziva is still haunted by her brother, but nobody seems to miss Kate much anymore.)

Anyway, my friend Sarah is big into the whole "Tiva" thing, the supposed coupling of Tony and Ziva. I rather like it as it is - uncertainty, hinting, joking, etc. It's funnier that way. Best part, though, is that Tony keeps talking about the "post-elevator us" - meaning after he and Ziva we trapped in an elevator after Harper Deering's bomb went off. He says they're supposed to be more open and transparent with each other, but so far Ziva has yet to really adhere to that. Well, I'm not surprised - after all, she is Ziva.

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