Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Good Class

This picture was taken of me during my Ancient Rome class. For some reason, it amused two of my old friends, and I don't know why.

You see, for Ancient Rome, Professor Finnigan had two reenacters, supposedly from the 14th Legion (the Legion Beloved of Nero) visit and tell us about the life of a soldier in a Roman Legion. This was definitely the best class session for Ancient Rome. They let me try on this helmet - which is a centurion's helmet, so it has a red crest that you can't really see - and also hold a gladius, or Roman sword. This was such an interesting change of pace - I won't forget this class for a while!

On other news, I turned in my research paper on Emily Dickinson to Dr. Moldenhauer, but I haven't gotten a grade back yet. I'm a little nervous about it, but I'm sure it will be fine. I worked crazy hard on that paper. I also got registered for my classes next semester, and I'm signed up for five. My two history classes are both special topics, so they're only offered once. One is Women in History, and it's taught by Professor Finnigan. It'll include women like Elizabeth I, Agrippina, and Mary Queen of Scots. My other history class is History of Witchcraft in Atlantic Society. I'm really glad to be taking that class for two reasons: first, it's an interesting-sounding topic, and secondly, it counts as an American history credit. I'm also taking two English classes. One is taught by Dr. Moldenhauer, and it's basically a class about reading plays. The other one is British Literature 1, which I am very excited about. Then there's the Honors class, which will cover the Reformation and the Renaissance. I am very excited about next semester!

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