Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day (A Day Late)

Well, no, I didn't have any huge romantic date yesterday, which I'm actually very happy about. Instead, I went to a dance class. I miss dancing so much, and yesterday was just the best fun! There is no better feeling than mastering a dance routine. It's surreal, wonderful, and completely uplifting. Any guy who wants to date me is going to have to beat that.

Yesterday one of my friends said, "Happy Single's Awareness Day." I teased them about it, of course, but in my mind, Valentine's Day shouldn't feel any different for single people. It's a celebration of love, right? So... is romance the only love there is now? Of course not! Valentine's Day is for everyone, not just people in a relationship. It's about the brothers or sisters who play with you, the family who looks out for you, and the friends who are only a text message away! For anybody who's wondering what I'm talking about, go watch Frozen. That movie will, a) completely blow your mind, and b) never make you feel left out on Valentine's Day again.

To finish off, here's a quote from Olaf the Snowman:

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