Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fellow Author's New Book

I am not the only college-aged author (I can't say teenage author anymore!) releasing a book in the near future. Elizabeth Anne McKinney, author of the Sons and Daughters series, is poised to release her second novel, Fallen Rose, sometime this month. I had the privilege of reading Elizabeth's manuscript in advance, and found it just as enjoyable as Young Falcon. Here is the review that I sent to Elizabeth (which you can also view on her blog here):

Fallen Rose is a thrilling, emotional story that continues the epic journey of remarkable characters and their struggle to make the right choices under intense pressure. The new characters introduced in this book add a wider view of the struggle between the humans and the elves. Lliam’s personal struggle is so well-crafted that the reader cannot be sure which side he will choose until he chooses. In short, Fallen Rose is a masterpiece—a worthy sequel to Young Falcon.

I would really love to say more, but I really would not like to give away any spoilers. I'm sure Elizabeth would not thank me for that, so I'm going to close by saying that Elizabeth's readers are in for a treat! If you haven't looked at her series, you really should after you've finished browsing around my books.

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