Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Amazon really needs to quit with that "You may also like..." bar. It's always right - I always find something I really like. I decided to browse it as my reward to myself for getting my papers all turned in on time.

This time it showed me The Selection series by Kiera Cass, the first book of which is call The Selection. The basic storyline is that a prince has come of age, and a competition, the Selection, is held among thirty-five women from the kingdom. The main character is a girl called America Singer, who is already in love with someone from her home, which, of course, leads her to some very difficult choices as she has to choose between the print and her childhood love. At the same time as the selection, two groups of rebels threaten the palace, and no one seems to know what they want.

I read through the first book in one sitting, and it left me with a deep impression of Ms. Cass's writing skill. She has an exciting style of writing and a gift for connecting with the reader. America is an intriguing, likable character who, I think, the majority of young women can relate to. I don't think many young men would find this book very interesting, but then, I don't think they are the intended audience. Beyond a doubt, any high school or college girl will find something in this novel to connect to, or be inspired by.

Definitely five stars! And since it's a series, I expect I'll get the next one, too.

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